lørdag, april 05, 2014

Change of language and profile

It has been a long time since the activity was high on this blog. Neither has it ever attracted the large masses. That is not necessarily the goal, although some of the point my writings is that someone will find it interesting.

However, life goes on. I am now working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Infectious Disease at UMass (University of Massachusetts), Worcester MA and living in Boston.

During my time in Bergen doing my undergraduate and graduate studies, I was in close contact with philosophical- and science-theory- environments. Since I moved from Bergen in 2012, I have somewhat lost this contact. Also, changing fields within molecular biology has made time scarce for philosophical and science-theory work. But the need for such discussions and reflections just increases as I am more and more embedded in the stream of "normal science".

Therefore, the topic here will be various levels of reflections on science. Also, making the blog english might open for a broader discussion. After all, science culture is an international sub-culture. And this I want to tap into.

I'll try to publish more or less worked-through reflections here every week. Stay tuned!

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